Top High Paid Jobs In Canada !! 2019

1. Blockchain Developer

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of blockchain, the technology that underpins popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin Though most closely associated with crypto currencies, blockchain actually has many other applications. Its a chronological ledger of records new data is added to the end of a chain, rather than writing over old data That makes difficult ,if not impossible ,to alter.As a result blockchain is understood for extraordinary secure. As more companies turn to block chains for its secure nature, expect the need for blockchain developers to grow.

2. AI Researcher

As Al becomes more mainstream and seeps into more aspects of our lives, the study and creation ç of artificial intelligence systems has become huge business. >Al researchers typically have a background in software engineering & are tasked with building Al t that completes a specific task or process.There’s more than just coding and algorithms involved though .A researchers methodically test their Al using real world inputs, analyze results, tweak and adjust, build iterations, and prepare academic research.on ther findings As more companies tap into the growing potential of Al, expect this profession explode in 2019.

3. Chief Experience Officer

The growing reliance on eCommerce sales has led organizations to closely scrutinize their online presence and customer journey. From building a cohesive, smooth checkout process, to engaging customers with inf obtainment, to managing their organizations reputation on review sites and social media, chief experience officers live and breathe the customer experience

4. Live Chat Agent

Companies are resizing that one of their most curative demographics, the under-40 Millennial & Gen Z generations. prefer text-based communications over picking up a phone >That’s led to live chat options popping up on most commerce sites. Though Al tools are being developed to manage these chats, at the moment, there’s no replacement for a live human. > lf you’re a strong written communicator, an excellent typist (typos not welcome) and value a customer – centric approach live chat is the future of customer service

5. Automated Engineer

Over the last year, discussion surrounding automation and its impact on jobs has ramped up. If you’re wondering who’s behind AI these technologies, let us introduce you to automation engineers. Though automation engineers can be responsible for a diverse array of automated processes they’re actually most in demand in the manufacturing sector where they design machinery to ad and streamline production As automation engineers develop machines that can complete more human-like motion, people will shift away from low-skill menial jobs toward more knowledge-based jobs

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