Quebec Immigration [Arrima Portal] — 2019

Quebec Immigration : 

Overview of Quebec :

  • One of the 10 provinces of Canada
  • Canada’s largest province, by area
  • Canada’s second-most populous province, after Ontario
  • French is the sole provincial official language
  • Capital Quebec City
  • Largest City: Montreal
  • In 2006, the House of Commons of Canada passed a symbolic motion recognizing the “Quebecois as a nation at intervals a united Canada.

Regular Skilled Worker Program :

Selection is created on the idea of choice a range grid with points awarded on the idea of varied selection factors and criteria:
  • Work Experience
  • Characteristics of accompanying spouse
  • Age
  • Financial stability
  • Training (Education+ Area of Training)
  • French & English Proficiency
  • Your stays in Quebec & family relationship with a Canadian citizen or a permanent Quebec resident

Process To Apply :

  • Get language proficiency score ➤ Engish- IELTS French- TEF, TEFAQ, TEF Canada, TCF, TCFQ, DELF and DALF
  • Create an Expression of interest profile in Arrima portal to enter their pool
  • Based on your score and labour market needs, Candidates drawn from the Quebec expression of interest pool will be invited to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) and would have up to 90 days to submit their complete application.
  • Documents need to be submitted & processing times may take up to 1 year to issue a CSQ.
  • Candidates who obtain a CSQ may then apply to the federal government for Canadian permanent residence
  • The federal government is primarily concerned with an applicant’s medical and criminal admissibility to Canada, and not his or her human capital or economic credentials, which have already been assessed by Quebec.

ARRIMA Portal :



  • It is the portal dedicated to the Expression of Interest System (EIS) of Quebec. Anyone above 18 years of age who is interested in Quebec under Regular Skilled Worker program can create a profile, free of cost
  • Users enter a virtual waiting area, where they wait until notified of their turn to access the portal
  • Once access is granted, users will have 90 minutes n the portal before the session express.
  • Starting from the date the EOl was created you have ninety days to complete and file it.
  • Once your EOl is filed, it will be valid for one year. It will become invalid after that time period
  • You can update your EOI profile anytime during the entire period but cannot create 2 profiles.
  • Documents are not required to be submitted at the time of submitting an EOI

Few Important Points :

  • in the year 2019 a total of 24800 CSOs are to be issued for various streams.
  • ECA through WES or other ECA organisations NOT required
  • Proof Of Funds need to be shown to prove financial stability which is much less than what is required n Express Entry.

On June 11 2019 Quebec Immigration Targets Set To Increase :

  • Immigration levels to Quebec may reach 52500 in 2022 underneath new proposals introduced by the province’s government on June seven.
  • This would translate to a rise of ten thousand five hundred newcomers to Quebec from this year’s maximum of 42,000 and mark an approximate return to the immigration level that was in place be fore the election of the province’s the new government in Oct 2018.
  • The proposals introduced On Fri can kind the idea of public hearings on immigration that begin August twelve.
  • A temporary reduction was introduced to its immigration levels late last year as a part of Associate in Nursing election promise to deal with issues that newcomers don’t seem to be integration into the bulk French-speaking province.
  • Now the government is aiming to achieve an immigration level of between 49,500 and 52,500 by 2022.

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