How To Get ECA For Canada In India !! 2019

How to get Canada Educational Credential Assessment in India 2019?

Educational Credential Assessment or ECA is one of the important ventures to be finished to be qualified to apply under the Canada’s Express Entry. ECA is obligatory for all the candidates applying below specific Entry in cases wherever they’re not holding a Canadian degree. ECA is prescribed for the mates of candidates yet to expand the excellent Ranking System Score (CRS).An ECA is done so as to assess the scholastic certifications of the candidate and see what their degree is worth in Canada. There area unit a number of associations assigned by the CIC however the slightest pricey and loosely prescribed association is World Education Services (WES), Canada.

Note that you do not require an ECA for your tenth and twelfth grade authentications. In case that you have a single degree, complete ECA just for that (except if you have another recognition like a Post-Graduate Diploma or something to that affect; For this situation, you may be qualified to get them two assessed and you will get more CRS points). For M.Sc candidates, it is compulsory to get your degrees assessed regardless of whether you have Masters yet in no example would you require an assessment of your tenth and twelfth grade check sheets.Completing your ECA may be a really basic ECA-assement-for-Canadaand direct method.The main thing you need to do is get your archives right. WES is exceptionally strict in such manner and it is your obligation to get all the required reports required legitimately.

How to send Transcripts to WES?

  • Before you send your transcripts to WES, you need to take a Preliminary Assessment.Understand what reports you require. 
  • You can perceive what records and documents you require.Request your University to issue you the transcripts.
  •  Kindly check your college site/call them and see how to ask for transcripts.Create a record in WES and build the instalment.
  • This is a simple procedure; simply pursue the means on the site.
  • Now Create Account.You get associate degree “ECA Package” thereupon which is able to give:
  • A printed version of your ECA report.A delicate duplicate that you simply will get to on the online.CIC can have the capability to ascertain your ECA report on the online.
  • Send the archives and documents to WES/have your foundation send it to them.
  • Utilize a dependable messenger benefit.WES gets your archives and also the standing can amendment from “Waiting for expected reports” to “Records got – Review in Progress”.


In the wake of surveying your documents, WES will either acknowledge those reports or change the status to “Assessment in Progress” or they will ask for you to send more records (if required). In the event that the records were not gotten by them in the configuration determined, they will dismiss your reports and you should begin from
Step 1 :once. Along these lines, be watchful while sending the documents.
After WES finishes an assessment (The standard handling time is 20 Business Days), they will convey an E-mail that says “Assessment Completed” and dispatch the printed version of your answer to the location referenced in your record. You will have the capacity to see the report on the web.

ECA is needed to be qualified for the Federal worker Program (FSWP).

If you are an Express Entry candidate under the Federal Skilled Trades program (FST) or the Canadian Experience Class program (CEC), at that point an ECA is the main
route for you to induce scores for your foreign qualification degrees.

On account of the FSWP, and the FST and CEC cases, you should incorporate your ECA results in your online Express Entry Profile to be granted score.
In case that you simply as of currently have a Canadian degree, recognition, or authentication, you needn’t bother with an ECA.


ECA Canada fees & WES Processing time 2019:

The charges for an ECA report and the time span to get one differ and can change without notice.
Every appraisal association sets their expense for associate degree ECA.
For a great many people, the expense is about CAN$200 in addition to the expense to have it conveyed. Conveyance costs rely upon how you pick it to be sent, with dispatch conveyance being the most costly.
In case that you simply area unit a family or master doctor, or a specialist, the cost will be higher.
You should contact the relevant association to get the number it’ll price.

An opportunity to induce your instruction surveyed is distinctive for each association.
It can take from half a month to a couple of months. Regardless of which one you pick, remember that it will be a lot quicker in the event that you give every one of the reports they approach you for and ensure your application is finished before you send it.
Another way for fast ECA report is {to do|to try to to|to try associate degreed do} it through an Immigration advisor.
Because of several within connections within the Immigration business, Oneclick Visas can make your ECA reports more swiftly delivered.

Documents Required for ECA Canada:

For ECA, you need to furnish your educational documents which include your marksheet, transcripts, etc. To get detailed document checklist, you can contact our experts.
After you get affirmation from a dispatch benefit that records have been conveyed to WES, it might take up to three business days for us to survey your documents and refresh your record.
Your records should be gotten associate degreed acknowledged by WES before an assessment is finished.

WES maintains no matter authority is required to submit records for check.
At the point when check is required, we will send duplicates of documents to the scholastic establishment that issued them with a demand that they validate the reports.
Your assessment are attack hold till the purpose once the organization answers to WES

Where am i able to get an academic credentials Assessment (ECA)?

  • You can get your ECA done through IRCC-designated organizations.
  • There area unit seven associations immediately assigned by IRCC to offer instructional credentials Assessment or ECA report administrations.
  • It would be ideal if you take note of that ECAs are legitimate for a long time from the date they are issued by the accompanying associations. The 7 associations are:
  • World Education Services (WES)
  • Comparative Education Service (CES)
  • International Credential Assessment of Canada (ICAS)
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
  • International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)
  • Medical Council of Canada (MCC)
  • Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC)
  • The most conspicuously utilized out of those is WES.

World Education Services (WES)

WES is that the most acclaimed assigned association, approved by IRCC to give ECA reports.

They don’t give an email and should be reached electronically by rounding out the suitable online structures at their site. They have a 3-step application strategy:
Finish the online application form online. You will get a reference number which you should keep.
Audit the documents requirements for your nation of education taken.


  • Download and print an instructional Records Request type and if important a student Degree giving Request type and send them to your instructive institution with the tip goal for them to send the transcript specifically to WES.
  • WES will process your application and send you an electronic ECA report for you to send to IRCC. You will likewise get electronic capacity of your report and confirmed transcripts for sometime later. As for supply of conveyance charges, you may likewise get a paper report. Standard preparing times are roughly 20 business days.
  • Contacting ECA authorities on your own may be a bit tough task because it involves intensive data regarding the method.
  • Any mistake within the doing might bring negative results and should have an effect on your Immigration probabilities.
  • It is so necessary for you to rent knowledgeable Immigration firm to try to to thus on your behalf.

Academics Evaluation by WES for Canada PR Visa:

  • Academic qualifications like bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, diploma certificates, or titles earned at other educational institutes are valuable credentials for career growth and professional development of an individual.
  • If a candidate is willing to trip Canada or America for education or employment opportunities, it is supremely important to get the academic documents verified and evaluated by WES
  • to be able to demonstrate their validity and authenticity to schools, universities and employers.
  • WES takes seven business days from the date of receiving full payment and every one supporting documents to judge Associate in Nursing application.
  • The candidate receives an in depth analysis report on prosperous completion of analysis.
  • WES Document Validation Criteria:
  • WES only validates documents that fulfill the below criteria:
  • Have been issued by recognized educational institutes
  • Have either been issued in English or have been translated to English
  • Have been signed and sealed by the approved authority

Documents Required for ECA Canada:

Depending upon the country in which the candidate has educated from, the instructions about which documents are to be submitted to WES and the submission process will vary.
It is vital for the person to follow all tips to make sure that the document validation method is completed within the initial try itself.

It is recommended that the candidate advises his/her instructional institute to use the “academic records request form” before generating and/or cathartic the candidate’s educational documents.
This will give precise directions for the institute with details on a way to prepare and submit certificates or degrees to WES on behalf of the candidate.

There are certain generic instructions that the candidate must follow irrespective of his place of education. Please read them below:

  • The candidate must first fill the WES application and get a WES reference number.
  • He/she should send documents for verification solely once he/she has received the WES reference range.
  • He/She should conjointly mention the WES reference range or all documents to be sent.
  • WES shall not be responsible for documents sent without WES reference numbers.
  • The person should send the documents to WES by post or through a messenger service.
  • The documents must be sealed in an envelope with the institution’s name on it. There must be a seal, stamp or signature from the official officer of the institution overlapping the back of the flap of the envelope.
  • WES doesn’t settle for documents if the seal is broken or the envelope is opened.
  • The candidate must never submit documents to WES by email or in email attachments as WES does not accept the documents like this.
  • If asked by WES, the candidate may have to send the original documents to WES.
  • Unless the candidate is asked by WES, he/she must not send their originals to WES as they can’t be returned to the candidate.
  • If the document requirements of the candidate’s country mention that they can send them the document copy, the candidate may opt to send the documents to WES via FAX.
  • In such a situation, the candidate should guarantee to place name and WES reference range on the duvet note and on every page of the document.


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